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Harness the power of your data. Connect with customers on all devices whether they are watching, listening or searching. Display, Video, and Mobile Advertising. 


Local, regional, or national, it all starts with an idea. 

We put your message in front of the right audience.

With our research and analysis, we recommend the networks and programs you need to connect with consumers in your key markets on all devices.

How Power Marketing Works?

At Power Advertising & Marketing we do what many can’t—an honest, transparent approach to the entire spectrum of digital advertising. We educate you, guide you, with a support team who will show you how to get the most out of your marketing campaign.
  • Plan

    A plan combines media strategy and campaign execution, so data shared drives budgets to the sites, apps, and devices where your audience is spending time and ready to buy.

  • Buy

    Faster access to critical metrics and insights, you have more freedom to focus on the elements that matter most — like strategic analysis and brand-new testing channels.

  • Execute

    Enter your audience over more devices. Automatically select the best cross-device paths for you and your business.

  • Launch

    Easily setup your campaign with flexible on the go campaign adjustments.

  • Reach

    Access to a massive online ad inventory and ad exchange networks.

  • Performance

    Performance tracking and reporting. Powerful optimization tools .

Increase the scale and precision of your ad campaigns.

Understand where ad dollars go. Streamline your digital advertising with campaign setup, targeting tools, and real-time reporting. 

By 2020, percentage of people around the world that...


have a cellular Device


Have the Internet

Campaigns & Targeting

Implement highly-targeted campaigns with custom audiences put together from first or third-party data. You can also target specific locations or based on content and categories.

Data & Reporting

Define valuable data segments and audiences to use in any digital marketing campaign. In-depth reporting, tell your story, view into performance at every level of the campaign.

Education & Support

Stay ahead of the competition as the ad industry evolves. We explain the important terms, ideas, and best practices you need to know.

Get answers to current SEO, SEM, and Voice Search marketing tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about marketing, digital advertising, consulting and agency services.

  • I have a limited budget. What should I spend it on?

    It i s important that you base your companies budget on your specific goals. What are those goals? We can help you find new opportunities and help you understand what your current market is and how to target your potential new customers more effectively.

  • How can hiring an outside marketing team help me?

    We can help you target clients better and more effectively than you will be able to when you do it yourself. We stay up on trends, use the most up to date data in the country to drive more targeted advertising for each one of your locations.

  • How much should I spend on marketing my company?

    Every industry, company type is different. How much you spend depends on many factors. So many businesses ask this question first when they should be learning more about where their marketing dollars need to be spent for their budget.

  • How much time should I spend on marketing?

    It would be better if you never stopped thinking about your marketing. If you maintain a business, you are in the game of marketing. It’s the most essential element for business growth. While it’s smart to work with a marketing expert to better strategize and execute the plan, as the business owner, you should continuously be involved in the planning, executing and evaluation of the results.

  • Should I hire someone to do my marketing?

    What is your time worth? You don’t have to obtain a full-time employee to take charge of your marketing. Find a marketing expert like Local Business Search you can outsource the work to. We keep up all the new trends, and most people that have experience in traditional marketing do not have the current skills for today's marketing environment.

  • How I get FAST IMMEDIATE results?

    Marketing & Advertising is a long-term commitment. It requires repeatedly putting your business in front of your target audience over an extended period of time. If you’re serious about obtaining real results, it’s wise to think of your marketing investment in years rather than months. Good things take time!

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